Halifax Tours

Halifax is more than just a small city on the East Coast. It is historic, and the people who make it their home have for years been known for their willingness to help. Our tours, will take you on a journey through the Titanic grave site, a stop at the many memorials in place for those who have lost their lives at sea, and allow you to hear about the people that all come together to tell the story of how this city has witnessed hardship, and endured.

Point Pleasant Park is home of many monuments and memorials, the largest being the Sailor's Memorial. This monument commemorates the members of the Royal Canadian Navy, the Canadian Merchant Navy, and Canadian Army who were lost at sea.
Welcome to Privateers' Wharf. With its many specialty shops, this area helped make Halifax prosperous in Canada's early days. Though we will let you in on a poorly kept secret. Privateers' Wharf was also frequented by smugglers.
The hill was first fortified in 1749, and stood as a keystone to the defence of the Halifax Harbour and the Navy's dockyard.
The Fairview Cemetery is the resting place for over one hundred victims of the Titanic. Many grave sites and markers serve as a memorial to those who lost their lives during the ship's maiden voyage.
Once a small community located on the shore of Bedford Basin, Africvilled was home to many settlers who were former slaves from the United States.
Sir Sandford Fleming Park, or the Dingle Park as it is known to the residents of Halifax, hosts an impressive tower that commemorates Nova Scotia's achievement of representative government in 1758.
Situated on a bluff overlooking the entrance to Halifax Harbour. This fortress was originally constructed in 1793.

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