Peggy's Cove Tours

More than just a trip to the rocks. We begin with a short commute outside the city core, where you will see an operational fishing community, one of the oldest lighthouses, the power of the ocean, and of course rocks that have been sculpted over hundreds of years by the driving force of the Atlantic Ocean.

One of Canada's most famous lighthouses, the Peggy's Cove lighthouse represents the fishing community and stands as a reminder of how dangerous the rocks and the ocean can be to sailors and visitors alike.
Peggy's Cove was home to sculptor William deGarthe. He began sculpting the granite cliff behind his home in 1977, as a tribute to the families and fishermen from the community.
Peggy's Cove is still a fully functioning fishing community. Most of the property in the Cove is privately owned. We share this so all our tours are aware to respect the properties and privacy of the local community.
No tour is complete without a visit to a local fish market for a taste of the fresh catch. Mention to our guide that you would like to sample some of the local foods and they will ensure you visit some of the best shops and providers.

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